01. Marketing Strategy

Crafted a comprehensive strategy to enhance community engagement and boost foot traffic.

02. Video Production

Produced a high-quality promotional video capturing the vibrant atmosphere and offerings.

03. Website Design

Designed an engaging homepage mockup to showcase the bar and event space.

Project Overview

When we learned about the struggles faced by Andy’s Neighborhood Canteen, we knew our skills could make a difference. Our collaboration began with understanding their unique needs and crafting a strategic plan to enhance their visibility and engagement within the community. From developing an in-depth marketing strategy to capturing the lively atmosphere through video production, and designing a user-friendly website mockup, every step was focused on boosting their digital presence and create a more compelling connection with their audience.

Andy's Marketing Strategy Mockup

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy


Our goal was to revitalize Andy’s Neighborhood Canteen by developing a targeted marketing strategy. This involved a detailed analysis of the business’s current situation, identifying key challenges such as low foot traffic and limited brand awareness. Our strategy proposed separating the bar and event space into distinct business units, allowing each to target different customer segments effectively. Additionally, we created content calendars for social media, suggested collaborations with local event planners, and recommended partnerships with local businesses to enhance visibility and community engagement. By addressing these areas, our strategy aimed to position Andy’s as a vibrant and essential part of the community.

Professional Video Production

To bring Andy’s Neighborhood Canteen’s vibrant atmosphere to life, we executed a professional video shoot that showcased both the bar and event space. Our team captured high-quality visuals, including close-ups of delicious sandwich specials, premium cocktails, and dynamic b-roll footage of the lively bar environment. Additionally, we filmed candid shots during the “Hello Neighbor” event to highlight community engagement. The final video was meticulously edited with color correction, sound design, and graphics, creating a captivating commercial intended for social media and promotional campaigns.


Visual Storytelling

Incorporated high-quality images from the photo and video shoot to create a captivating visual narrative.


Clear Calls to Action

Strategically placed calls to action to guide visitors towards making reservations, exploring the menu, and booking the event space.


Event Space Highlight

Dedicated sections to separately showcase the bar and event space, emphasizing their unique offerings.


User Experience

Designed an intuitive and seamless user experience, ensuring easy navigation and access to key information.

Website Design and Mockup

To elevate Andy’s Neighborhood Canteen’s online presence, we developed a visually appealing and user-friendly website mockup. The design focused on visual storytelling, utilizing high-quality images to capture the essence of the bar and event space. Clear calls to action were strategically placed to drive user engagement and conversions. We dedicated sections to highlight both the bar and event space, ensuring each could shine independently. The overall user experience was crafted to be intuitive and seamless, making it easy for visitors to navigate and access key information. This comprehensive approach aimed to create a compelling online platform that aligned with Andy’s Neighborhood Canteen’s brand and marketing objectives.

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