AXIM Collaborative

AXIM Collaborative

By working together, we can enhance educational access and significantly impact millions of learners.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to turn potential challenges into seamless success stories. For AXIM Collaborative, we provided a full suite of video production services to document their AI & Education Convening. From addressing technical concerns with top-tier equipment to capturing every crucial moment of the event, we delivered a total of ten videos, including an engaging overview, detailed workshop highlights, and full-length presentations. Our work ensured that the impact of the event extended far beyond the day itself, providing lasting value for AXIM Collaborative and their audience.


Overview Video

A dynamic summary capturing the highlights and key moments of the AI & Education Convening.


Workshop Videos

Three insightful videos featuring interviews with workshop leaders and footage from the sessions, offering an in-depth look at the discussions and activities.


Presentation Videos

Six comprehensive videos of the full presentations, ensuring that individuals who couldn’t attend the event still have access to the valuable insights shared.

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