at The Mixing House

Guiding Moni’s Online Presence

Strategic Social Media Growth

To help Moni Grace connect with her growing online following, we developed a comprehensive social content strategy. This guide was designed to enhance her engagement with fans and promote her music across various platforms, ensuring a consistent and authentic presence. The strategy focused on creating a cohesive online narrative that resonated with her audience and amplified her unique voice.

Capturing the Live Experience

Bringing Moni’s Music to Life

We filmed Moni Grace’s live performance of three songs from her debut album, “How to Fall In Love With The Concept of Forgetting.” The performances were complemented by an intimate interview, providing insights into her creative process and the emotions behind her music. The final video premiered on YouTube and Facebook Live, reaching a wide audience and showcasing Moni’s artistry.


Brand Positioning

Defining Moni’s brand voice and setting clear goals for audience engagement and growth.


Content Diversification

Leveraging live shows, studio sessions, and photoshoots to create diverse and engaging content.


Audience Engagement

Ensuring high-quality live stream recordings and maximizing social channel shoutouts during performances.


Optimized Posting Strategy

Structuring frequent, engaging posts and strategically using hashtags to boost reach and interaction.

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