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Our collaboration with Sunstein LLP has been a dynamic journey, transforming their passion for disc golf into powerful branded content and engaging event coverage. From conceptualizing impactful videos to capturing the excitement of disc golf tournaments, we’ve worked closely with Sunstein to enhance their presence in the disc golf community and beyond.

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Branded Content

Crafting compelling stories that resonate with audiences and showcase brand values.

Event Overview

Providing comprehensive coverage of events to capture the excitement and engagement.

Social Content

Developing short, engaging videos optimized for social media to boost online presence.

Sunstein Skins @ 501

Sunstein Open 2023 @ 501

Passion Turned into Opportunity

Transforming Passion into Engagement

A Comprehensive Approach to Amplifying Sunstein LLP’s Presence in the Disc Golf Community.

Our work with Sunstein LLP has been focused on leveraging their passion for disc golf to create a meaningful connection with the community and to establish their brand as a leader in the field of trademark and patent law within this niche. From producing in-depth branded content that showcases personal stories like “Passion Turned Into Opportunity” to capturing the high-energy atmosphere of the Sunstein Open and the Skins Match, we have developed a variety of engaging videos.


Additionally, our social media content has helped maintain an ongoing conversation with the audience, keeping Sunstein’s brand top-of-mind and strengthening their engagement with disc golf enthusiasts. Through strategic video production and targeted social media campaigns, we’ve helped Sunstein LLP not only reach but also resonate with their target audience.

Featured Video: Passion Turned Into Opportunity

Our journey with Sunstein LLP began with the creation of a compelling video titled ‘Passion Turned Into Opportunity.’ This video highlights Steve Abreu, a partner at Sunstein, who discovered his passion for disc golf during the COVID-19 pandemic. He leveraged this newfound passion to position Sunstein LLP as the go-to law firm for trademark and patent law within the disc golf community. This initiative has led to Sunstein becoming a sponsor of the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

Sunstein Open @ 501

We’ve had the pleasure of filming the Sunstein Open at the 501 Disc Golf Course for two consecutive years (2022 and 2023). Our coverage captured the energy and excitement of the event, showcasing the best amateur and pro disc golfers from around New England.

Sunstein Skins @ 501

In 2023, we also filmed the Skins Match featuring Professional Disc Golfers Simon Lizotte and Paul Krans, which took place a couple of days before the Sunstein Open. This exclusive content provided an exciting glimpse into high-level disc golf competition.


Social Content

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, engaging social media content is crucial for maintaining visibility and fostering community engagement. For Sunstein, we created a series of dynamic vertical videos designed to captivate and inform their audience. These videos highlighted key events, player spotlights, and upcoming activities within the Sunstein Series. By leveraging eye-catching visuals and concise messaging, we helped Sunstein maintain a strong presence across their social media platforms, ensuring their brand stayed top-of-mind for followers and potential clients alike.


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Supporting Those Who Support Us

Spotlighting Event Sponsors

At the heart of the Sunstein Open events is a strong community of sponsors whose support is crucial to making these tournaments possible. Understanding the importance of these partnerships, we made it a priority to capture content that highlights the contributions of these sponsors during the filming process.

By featuring sponsors like Atomic Coffee Roasters and Bent Water Brewing, we ensured that their brands received the visibility they deserved. Our approach involved capturing authentic moments where sponsors engaged with participants and showcased their products, creating a natural and genuine representation of their involvement.

This not only added value to the event coverage but also reinforced the symbiotic relationship between the sponsors and the disc golf community. Highlighting these sponsors helped to demonstrate the collaborative spirit that drives the Sunstein Open and underscored the importance of their continued support.

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