The Hub 716 Logo

Enhancing Brand Identity and Compliance

Crafting a Unique and Legal Identity

When The Hub 716 approached us, they were concerned about the legality of their existing logo and needed a complete rebranding that complied with regulations while maintaining appeal. We embarked on a journey to redesign their logo, develop a comprehensive website with essential features, and create targeted landing pages for their advertising campaigns. Our objective was to enhance their brand identity and ensure all aspects were legally compliant and visually engaging.

Logo Redesign

We replaced the cannabis leaf with a symbol representing growth and vitality, ensuring the new logo was both compliant and visually striking.

Landing Page Creation

Designed several landing pages for Google ads, adhering to community guidelines and optimizing for targeted advertising campaigns.

Website Development

Developed a user-friendly website featuring age verification and a comprehensive product menu to enhance customer experience and ensure compliance.

Compliance and Strategy

Provided strategic guidance to ensure all branding and marketing efforts met legal requirements and effectively communicated The Hub 716’s unique value proposition.


Key Features and Functionalities

Innovative Website Design for Enhanced User Experience

Our redesign of The Hub 716’s website was focused on providing a seamless and engaging user experience while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Below are some key features of the newly designed website:

Age Verification

The website includes an intuitive age verification process that ensures users are of legal age before accessing the site.

Mobile Responsiveness

The website was designed to be fully responsive, providing a smooth and user-friendly experience on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.

Landing Pages for Ad Campaigns

We created multiple landing pages optimized for Google Ads that comply with community guidelines

User-Friendly Design

The overall design of the website is clean and modern, with intuitive navigation and a focus on user experience.

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